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Hear From Our Clients


Anna Strand – Maintenant, Head of operations, United Kingdom

Tracy Ann Morrison - Founder of SolRise 180, United States


Tania Costantini Zimmermann - Rainbow Alchemy, Tenerife,

‘Thank you Alice for our very insightful conversation last week and your patience with me. I now understand the mistakes I made with my FB ads so far and know how to make it better next time. I also now have a clearer understanding on how to find my ‘right’ target market and use FB ads to generate leads. I can highly recommend working with Alice.’


Janaki  Recoskie - Founder of Ananda Holistica,

‘Thank you Alice with helping me have more of an online presence!!! Something that I just don't have time, nor the patience, for being a solopreneur and focusing on what I do best, so I am super glad to have you focusing on that for me!!! A valuable resource indeed!!!! ’


Katharine Pincham -
Online Teacher of Advaita Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita, Philosophy,
United Kingdom

"It was so helpful talking to you today, Alice. I’m so much clearer about how I should run my Facebook ads now—in terms of how much money needs to be spent, how to write and present the copy and how to re-market to people who’ve seen my previous promotions. Really excellent advice. Not to mention your help in getting me unblocked by Facebook, that was pretty crucial too ha ha!!"


Orla Blackburn - oYOga,
United Kingdom

Pia Ragadoo,
Cape Town

Talking with Alice was easy and informative.

We discussed the marketing issues I have and if Alice and her team could helo me. Although on this occasion her help wasn't relevant to what I need, I was very interested to hear of the services she offers and will make sure I keep hold of her contact info for future use.

She was kind enough to also offer to look at a problem I am in the middle of trying to resolve if I get no further with it.

Alice has a lovely, easy going manner and was a real please to chat and connect with.

I really appreciate your impact. I have always been very shallow in the social media pool and only recently began using it for profit instead of pleasure. Being afraid of diving too deeply and little understanding of the inner workings definitely was holding me and my business back from the massive benefits of social media. You brought up great points that are simple yet effective- I like that!

I will be implementing these as much as possible.

Some of Our Chat Conversations...

"@AliceSantos we are very impressed at your professionalism and dedication."

Nadjet Amelle Benzerfa – Maintenant, United Kingdom

"Yes I second that!! You really did impress with your dedication to solve the issue we were having."

Anna Strand – Maintenant, Head of operations, United Kingdom

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